Friday Favorites #49

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday (Favorites)! You can find out past posts here.  Katie is actually on her way to Nashville as we speak and we have big things happening this weekend that we can't WAIT to share with you guys!  In the meantime...

I'm really in love with separates right now for work with the weather being in the low 60's some days and low 80's the next, you just never know what to expect. Being able to swap cardigans out for 3/4 sleeves and swapping around solid tops with patterned bottoms, etc. has been my go-to lately.  I actually have the Jenny Skirt in Orange Border Print and love it!  But, how cute is the Parisian Picnic Skirt? It reminds me of a confectionery.

Disneyland Starbucks "You Are Here" Mug
On our honeymoon, Collin + I ended up in the in-park Starbucks at Disney World so I could grab the Epcot and Magic Kingdom "You Are Here" Mugs which are only sold in-park at the specific Starbucks at the PART of the park (convoluted? yes. haha).    I was standing in the insanely long line, thinking about Tisha aka teamsparkle and asked her if she'd be up for a trade.  She lives in California and since I was visiting Florida, I grabbed an extra Magic Kingdom mug and in exchange, this Disneyland mug appeared at my front door one day.  I love all the sweet ladies I've met and "met" via Instagram!

Bettie Page Shoes has some really cute new shoes out for their Spring line.  I'm usually not a huge fan of pastels but, some of things are too fun to resist.  I think the yellow ones on the end might be my favorites, I love the cut outs + the ankle strap.

Look how insanely beautiful Rebecca Butterfly is as she walks her dog during the Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender on May 15, 2011 in Hemsby, England  It makes me REALLY want to attend this event. 

Has anyone ever ended up on the tumblr page McCall's Pattern Behavior?  The first time Katie sent me a link, I sat and read these things for 30 minutes and LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED.  This is one of my favorites, but seriously, go read a few and let me know which is your favorite because they're hilarious!

// Also, go laugh and be amazed at some of the things that are pool floats now over at Urban Outfitters... who wouldn't want to float around on a GIANT flamingo!?

What's something that makes you laugh?
Feel free to post links/photos below! 


  1. That tumblr is hilarious!! Oh my goodness. I'll probably be scrolling through it all day!
    I LOVE the picnic skirt; I've been really obsessed with gingham lately, and it's on my list of things to possibly splurge on (I'm normally a thrift-store gal.)

  2. Colleen ElizabethApril 17, 2015 at 8:00 PM

    I have the Parisian picnic skirt! It's adorable :)

  3. Could you show some ideas or pics for separates combinations you wear to work? :D
    Here in Portugal I'm also having the same problem with the weather, (in the morning really cold, but in the afternoon real hot...) and I really never know very well what to wear with my circle skirts...all the pretty "vintage/pinup" outfits never have "cold spring weather" ideas.. could you share some? :) :)

  4. Wow I love the cherry and gingham skirt <3 xx

  5. Silver Cat Tea PartyApril 26, 2015 at 11:24 AM

    Love your Disney mug! I've been trying to remember to collect these Starbucks mugs as I go... I didn't even think about Disneyland! <3

  6. Love your blog so much! I try to keep up when my son having his nap. ;)
    Hemsby is an okay weekender but the chalets are so icky, I won't go into details what I found in them over the years. It's the same with all the weekenders here in England, they are often held at these horrible holiday parks. If you would ever go to one of them, make sure you get the luxury chalets, they are somewhat better.
    Keep up the good work!